Meet The Founder | Brandon Peoples

Hello everyone and welcome to WebsiteForDjs.com

My name is Brandon, creator of the WebsiteForDjs platform.

A little about myself:

I am from Austin, TX, and have been a die-hard fan of electronic music for most of my life. I have been producing music since the age of 14. In 2012, I started a small indie music label called “VycVyper Recordings”. I also possess a long, career track record in IT (Information Technology) and digital marketing, and taught myself web development.

Many of you have probably already come across a piece of my content on the net at some point. Many years ago, I made the dedication of starting a host of projects that catered to the electronic music community. That led to the creation of a Youtube channel in 2012 that provided music production tips and tricks, an electronic music blog, a rave clothing and merch line, and also started a Youtube series called “Techno Reactions”.

WebsiteforDjs.com is my latest project and hopefully, one day will become a huge success for the online music community. I created this platform as a solution to a common problem that I observed over the years in this space. My alarming discovery was that there were many music artists and djs, even famous ones, who didn’t really have a website that showcases all of their music releases, tour dates, etc. I still see this problem to this day. So the creation of this platform was a solution to that problem. Not only does it save you money from the high-end expense of having to pay a developer to build a website for you or the excess time spent on actually building it yourself, but you have everything right here. All the tools, all the integrations, an all-in-one, easy-to-use website builder tool with a clean interface, and optimized performance in mind. Built by myself (a fellow DJ and music producer) for those in the music industry. This platform enables artists to create a sleek, modern website in minutes without any technical knowledge. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Building this platform has given me the ability to combine both my passions for technology and music and birth the culmination of what will one day become a popular hub for creative minds. Let us create and set our digital footprints together for future generations to come.

I am deeply honored to present this gift to you, and I look forward to being a great contributor and collaborator to the ongoing success of DJs and music producers worldwide. I don’t know what’s in store for my future, but I do know I love creating it as I go.

-Brandon Peoples

Brandon Peoples