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Website for djs – The Easiest Way to Build a Djing Website

WebsiteForDjs is a new platform built by dj’s, for dj’s. It successfully launched on April 28th of this year and has already brought in thousands of passionate DJ’s and Music Producers seeking a solution to build their very own website with absolute ease. It was also rated #9 on producthunt for the month of May! Website for djs seeks to become the largest online platform offering an easy, website building solution for musicians of all types. We understand how daunting, expensive and time consuming it can be to build your very own website that showcases your DJ sets, music releases, and more. So we created this affordable solution to the problem, offering unrivaled simplicity. Built with the newest technologies with performance and optimization in mind. We have tools to embed and integrate all of your music from various music sharing sites in just a few clicks! 

Creating Your Own Professional DJ Website Has Never Been Easier!

Thousands of Dj’s in 100+ countries trust WebsiteForDjs.com to power their digital footprint and maximize their opportunities to be heard around the world. Our platform enables artists to create a sleek, modern, website in minutes without any technical knowledge. Allowing fans to instantly listen to your Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, and Deezer tracks! Do you enjoy live streaming? Well, Youtube lives and twitch lives are supported! Go LIVE directly from your website! This is the ALL-IN-ONE solution you need as an artist! Here at WebsiteForDjs.com we believe that all artists should have professional websites that give them a professional appearance. Even more importantly, we don’t believe that one should have to pay high costs and deal with the increased stress levels that comes along with the process. Build your new website on our platform, and have the freedom of unlimited track and photo uploads. Our platform is a long term solution to an alarming discovery, and we want you to take advantage!

Have you ever tried to create a website to promote your DJ sets before?

It was a pain in the ass wasn’t it? Struggling to get the domain, then figuring out how to set up the site, and dragging and dropping a million different elements on your screen. Only to find out that you’ve wasted SO much precious time trying to build the website that could have otherwise been spent making music or djing! Well now you can have your own legit website as a DJ or music producer, with our easy do-it-yourself platform in minutes for a fraction of the cost! Honestly, it’s a no brainer. Time is of the essence, and your time could be better spent towards bigger and better things. Make music, not roadblocks!

Did You Know WebsiteforDjs has its Own Internal Social Media Platform?

One of our greatest features that we’ve implemented into our platform is a discussions forums. This awesome new feature serves as a proprietary, internal social networking platform available to all users on WebsiteforDjs.com. Think of it as a “Myspace for Dj’s”. Thanks to this new feature, you can now become part of a passionate community of creative minds and like-minded individuals such as yourself! Forum topics include Dj techniques, production recording, introductions, tracks and music, and platform suggestions. Networking and learning with other fellow Dj’s and music producers has never been easier and we want you to become part of it. 

Twitch & Youtube – 2 of the Biggest Platforms Online are Available At your Fingertips

Twitch and Youtube have taking the internet by storm, offering unrivaled streaming capabilities like never seen before. We noticed that in recent years, both platforms have had an ever-increasing usage of creative minds who live stream their daily activities such as gaming, art, vlogging, even music production studio session and DJ sets! So guess what we did? We kept that in mind, and developed the technology to embed both Youtube AND Twitch livestreams directly to your website! Our all-in-one platform offers seamless integration to keep your fans in the loop whenever you go LIVE. 

Why WebsiteForDjs, instead other platforms?

WebsiteForDjs is a platform by Djs, for Djs. We provide you with the tools to create and promote yourself as an artist and your music. Offering unrivaled simplicity, we integrate tools to your webpage to allow direct uploads from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube videos, even livestreams with Youtube and Twitch! What separates us from other platforms is the fact that we value your #1 most precious asset, and that is your TIME. Once you build a website on our platform, we offer a free SSL certificate. Everything is hosted on our servers where you have the complete freedom to upload UNLIMITED tracks and photos. There are no limitations. Gone are the days of a complicated and expensive website building experience. We are continuously developing new features for our users, to bring you the maximum experience.

Sign Up For a Free 14 Day Trial and Increase your DJ Popularity 10x by Choosing Website For Djs

You may have seen what we have done for others and you may think it is too good to be true…but with us, there is no catch! Having a great website at a low cost is a good start, but having an online and engaging presence? PRICELESS. Thanks to websiteforDjs.com, you can have a one-of-a-kind website. Enjoy a hassle free experience that allows you to create a beautiful, professional-looking website in minutes. Create your own, modern website without having to learn how to code! Are you a DJ or music producer that wants to start promoting yourself online? Starting your own website can be challenging and cost-prohibitive. Do you want a website, but don’t want to spend thousands on a designer and developer? You can create a simple and professional looking website in minutes with us. Try our platform now, it’s free! So go ahead, create your own DJ or Music Producer Website like the big guys and in no time, increase your DJ popularity by 10x! From party bookings to new releases, show off the goods on your very own website here at Website For Djs. Sign up for a free 14 day trial today!